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Ren Mathew of Bailiff

Hey, MD folks! It’s Ren Mathew here from the band Bailiff. I’m based out of Chicago but am currently on the road with the band touring in support of our new release, Remise. It’s a tremendous honor to be writing…

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 2014

Dwayne Scott of Alabaster

Hi, MD readers! I still have my very first issue of Modern Drummer—February 1989. Bill Bruford is on the cover. The first song I ever learned to play as a very young kid is in that issue, “Pour Some Sugar…

Modern Drummer
May 10, 2013

Evan Stone

For Evan Stone, his new jazz CD, Sticks & Stone, Vol. 1, is the culmination of a seventeen-year dream. “I didn’t feel ready until recently,” the drummer admits. “But in the last couple of years I’ve felt it was time…

Modern Drummer
Jan 5, 2007