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Gibraltar Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands (VIDEO)

Gibraltar Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands by Miguel Monroy   Always keeping the drummer in mind, Gibraltar has released a new line of hardware, dubbed the Turning Point series, with two important objectives: to lighten the load and to make…

Modern Drummer
Aug 15, 2012

Mark Heaney’s Live-in-the-Studio Sonic Reform Performance

Sonic Reform, featuring drummer Mark Heaney (Gang of Four), guitarist Hugh Turner, and bassist Jerry Soffe, recently recorded their debut album, Unseen Forces, live during two days this past March. The video presented here shows the trio performing the track…

Modern Drummer
Aug 3, 2012

Car Part Drumset

This drumset made entirely from used car parts is the creation of Southern Californian drummer and author Jordan Hill. The project evolved as a way for Jordan to combine his day job as an auto mechanic with a love for…

Modern Drummer
Jul 31, 2012

Drum Cover by Devan Bentley of Such Gold

My name is Devan Bentley, and I play drums for the melodic punk/hardcore band Such Gold. I’ve wanted to start doing drum cover videos for quite some time now and figured the best way to start would be to play…

Modern Drummer
Jul 19, 2012

J.P. Bouvet's Winning Performance from Guitar Center’s 2011 Drum-Off

  Check out J.P. Bouvet's winning performance from Guitar Center's 2011 Drum-Off competition. For more on J.P., read his Portrait piece in the September 2012 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.  

Modern Drummer
Jul 17, 2012

Allen Blickle Recording the New Baroness Album, Yellow & Green

  Watch Allen Blickle record and talk about the making of the new Baroness album, Yellow & Green. For more with Allen, read his blog.  

Modern Drummer
Jul 12, 2012

“Master Blaster (Jammin’)??? by Stevie Wonder

  This cut, originally released on Stevie Wonder’s 1980 album, Hotter Than July, is a tribute to Bob Marley. Stevie himself played drums on the original track; check out this live version from the 2009 DVD Live at Last featuring Stanley Randolph at…

Modern Drummer
Jun 26, 2012

Zach Danziger With Mr. Barrington, Live at Shapeshifter Lab

  Zach Danziger has been working on some new triggering concepts, examples of which can be seen in the clip from a June 12 Mr. Barrington performance at Shapeshifter Lab in Park Slope, Brooklyn. “I’m triggering all of the music…

Modern Drummer
Jun 22, 2012

Ringo Starr And Elton John With T. Rex (Video)

  Check out this unusual clip from the Ringo Starr-directed 1972 film Born to Boogie. Primarily a T. Rex concert film, Born to Boogie also featured studio performances such as this one filmed at Apple Studios. Here Ringo and Elton…

Modern Drummer
May 31, 2012

Focus Perform “Hocus Pocus??? Live on The Midnight Special in ’73

  In this video from 1973, Dutch prog-rock band Focus performs the instrumental hit “Hocus Pocus” on The Midnight Special. Look for drummer Pierre van der Linden's succinct drum solos throughout the clip.  

Modern Drummer
May 14, 2012

Luis Conte Discusses Playing a 6/8 Feel With Thomas Lang

  In this video world-renowned percussionist Luis Conte and drum demon Thomas Lang, who, along with fusion pioneer Billy Cobham, have recently begun interactive lessons via ArtistWorks, demonstrate and discuss playing a 6/8 feel. Luis’s online lessons launch on April…

Modern Drummer
Apr 11, 2012

Get Good: Tuning—Bob Gatzen’s “The Tonal Drummer??? Video

  For the May 2012 issue of Modern Drummer, we talked to MD Pro Panelists Gil Sharone and Bob Gatzen, as well as jazz great Jack DeJohnette, about the subtleties of drum tuning. Bob has posted many insightful You Tube…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2012

Jack Irons Live Performance Video for the Track “Doubloons???

We present a third live performance video from Jack Irons, for the track “Doubloons.” “Doubloons”   Click here to see the first video in this series, "Outer Space Dreams." Click here to see the second video in the series, "Sonic…

Modern Drummer
Dec 14, 2011

Jack Irons Live Performance Video for the Track “Sonic Tonic???

We present a second live performance video from Jack Irons, for the track “Sonic Tonic.” "Sonic Tonic"   Click here to see the first video in this series, "Outer Space Dreams." Click here to see the third video in this…

Modern Drummer
Nov 21, 2011