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Jonny Williams of Childhood

Hi! I’m Jonny Williams, and I play drums in Childhood, from London, UK. I started playing drums when I was fourteen. I was told to play drums by a friend because I was awful at guitar. I got my first…

Modern Drummer
Jun 30, 2014

Evan Jenkins of The Neil Cowley Trio

Dude, Just spent the morning in the U.S. Embassy getting a visa. What a drag. And for some reason people were drawn to me for information about what to do. Must be the grey in my beard. Anyway, I play…

Modern Drummer
Sep 4, 2012

Buddy Rich 25th Anniversary Memorial Concert

The Buddy Rich 25th Anniversary Memorial Concert takes place for the first time in the UK at the London Palladium on 2nd April 2012. The  lineup is confirmed as Dave Weckl,  John Blackwell and Gregg Potter from the USA and Ian Paice, Ginger Baker, Gavin Harrison and Elliott Henshaw from the…

Modern Drummer
Feb 22, 2012

Nick Jones of The Jim Jones Revue

Hi, my name is Nick Jones and I play for the Jim Jones Revue. We’re a five-piece, piano-driven rock ’n’ roll band with loud guitars based in London. Our debut album came out at the end of 2008, and we’ve…

Modern Drummer
Jul 20, 2010

London of City Sleeps

London of City Sleeps here, with a few tips for the road and at home. First–and I can't stress this enough–practice with a metronome. I see a lot of drummers out there who don't even bat an eye at the…

Modern Drummer
Oct 1, 2007