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On the Beat with the Lion King’s Carter McLean: Talks Video Tutorials and Educational Website

Hey everyone in Modern Drummer land! My name is Carter McLean and I play the drums at the Lion King on Broadway in NYC and tour with various singer-songwriters. I want to share with you the reasons why I started…

Modern Drummer
Apr 25, 2017

News: Drum Ambition Offers Video Lessons for Beginners

Launched in January 2016, Drum Ambition is a website that provides video lessons for beginner drummers. Founded and presented by Simon DasGupta, Drum Ambition is ideal for students who are working with a teacher and would like to utilize a…

Modern Drummer
Feb 16, 2016

Video Lesson: Basics - Flam it Up

 This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the January 2016 issue, which is available here. Basics Flam it Up Add Some Meat to Your Fills Flams are fun! A flam is defined as a soft stroke,…

Modern Drummer
Nov 25, 2015

VIDEO LESSON! Progressive Drumming Essentials, Part 3: Polyrhythmic Grooves

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the September 2015 issue, which is available here. Rock Perspectives Progressive Drumming Essentials Part 3: Polyrhythmic Patterns by Aaron Edgar Last month we learned some of the theory behind polyrhythms,…

Modern Drummer
Jul 30, 2015

VIDEO LESSON! The Drumset Drag: Orchestration Options for Powerful and Melodic Textures

This excerpt is taken from the complete review that appears in the June 2015 issue, which can be purchased here. Rock & Jazz Clinic The Drumset Drag Orchestration Options for Powerful and Melodic Textures by Powell Randolph In this lesson we’re…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2015

Drummer Blog: Phil Maturano on Crossing Cultures and Indian Drumming

Hi, MD readers. It’s a pleasure to greet you here, and I hope all is well. As you may or may not know, in 2014 I had an extended stay in India. I was there doing concerts with some of…

Modern Drummer
Feb 23, 2015

VIDEO! Jazz Drummer’s Workshop: Shifting Sands (From the May 2014 Issue)

http://youtu.be/IVXHAhRfxb0 by Steve Fidyk Transitioning from one time signature, tempo, or musical style to another is a very common technique in modern jazz. These shifts are often referred to as metric modulations, where a specific note value from the current…

Modern Drummer
Apr 7, 2014

Win a Master Class With Will Calhoun

To celebrate the release of his new CD on Motéma Music, Life in This World, Will Calhoun is teaming up with Modern Drummer to offer a thirty-minute master class to one lucky winner. If you’re in New York, he’ll work…

Modern Drummer
May 13, 2013

Pinback’s Chris Prescott

As a musician, I’ve had my fair share of strange experiences over the years. But this for me was one of the most surreal. I decided to write about it here and share it with my fellow drummers. Pinback recently…

Modern Drummer
Oct 18, 2012

ArtistWorks Adds Bass Campus To Its Video Exchange Learning Site

ArtistWorks Adds Bass Campus To Its Video Exchange Learning Site Drummers, you might want to let your bass-playing bandmates in on the fact that the online music education website ArtistWorks.com has launched a bass guitar “campus.” Among the world-class bassists who…

Modern Drummer
Jul 10, 2012

Luis Conte Discusses Playing a 6/8 Feel With Thomas Lang

  In this video world-renowned percussionist Luis Conte and drum demon Thomas Lang, who, along with fusion pioneer Billy Cobham, have recently begun interactive lessons via ArtistWorks, demonstrate and discuss playing a 6/8 feel. Luis’s online lessons launch on April…

Modern Drummer
Apr 11, 2012

Matt Byrne/Corey Pierce Collective Clinic on April 19

Hatebreed’s Matt Byrne and God Forbid’s Corey Pierce will take part in a drum clinic this Thursday, April 19, at the Collective School of Music in New York City. The clinic will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is $15. To…

Modern Drummer
Apr 9, 2012

12 Drumming Myths: Debunking Drum Gospel

by Adam Budofsky   Want to be a better drummer? Try taking these words out of your vocabulary: Always. Only. All. Never. Despite the prevalence of educational books, DVDs, and online lessons, most drumming information is still passed down the…

Modern Drummer
Mar 13, 2012

Own It! Part 1: Exploring Subdivisions

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZQvRsn4758 March 2012 Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic - Own It! Part 1: Exploring Subdivision by Mike Johnston Being a full-time drum instructor, it’s my job to make sure my students explore the material that we’re working on in a given…

Modern Drummer
Jan 18, 2012