Jon Theodore

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Nick McDonnell from Warish and Petyr

On Tours, Influences, and Gear Warish is a SoCal trio formed in early 2018. The band formed when guitarist/vocalist and pro-skater Riley Hawk (son of skating legend Tony Hawk) and drummer Nick McDonnell decided they wanted to try their hand…

Modern Drummer
Sep 26, 2019

MD Podcast Episode 117: QOTSA’s Jon Theodore, Drum Shell Basics, Paiste 900 Series, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike discuss the different types of drum shells and the sounds they produce. The featured artist is Queens of the Stone Age’s Jon Theodore. Up for review is the new 900 series from Paiste. After…

Modern Drummer
Nov 10, 2017

Queens of the Stone Age …Like Clockwork

After a six-year absence, Queens of the Stone Age are back with a new sound on their latest record, …Like Clockwork. The ten-track album came with its fair share of trials and tribulations, though. Complications from a knee surgery back…

Modern Drummer
Jun 25, 2013

Thomas Pridgen: Turning Bedlam Into Beats

by Ken Micallef “I want to play stuff that hasn’t been played before, stuff that will make people wig out.” Twenty-four-year-old Thomas Pridgen unleashes the most rabid drumming in recent memory on The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam In Goliath. Of…

Modern Drummer
Jul 18, 2008