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Earl Palmer

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Earl Palmer: An Original, By Any Measure

If you said that Earl Palmer is famous for being the most recorded drummer in history, you wouldn’t get too many arguments. But you’d also only be telling half the story. As house drummer at Cosimo Matassa’s J&M Studio in…

Modern Drummer
Jun 23, 2010

The Greats: Hal Blaine

Musicians love to argue about things like, What drummer played on the most records in history? Some figure it’s got to be R&B great Earl Palmer. Other folks say, What about Steve Gadd; he’s been a first-call studio cat for…

Modern Drummer
Mar 15, 2010

Earl Palmer Remembered

by Mark Griffith In drumming, the terms legendary and innovator are thrown around far too often. Yet Earl Palmer deserves both of these titles. Drumming legends have grooves that are instantly associated with them. True innovators come up with (or…

Modern Drummer
Jan 23, 2009