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’70s-Era David Bowie Drummer Dennis Davis Passes

Longtime David Bowie drummer Dennis Davis passed away yesterday. Davis appeared on a string of Bowie studio albums in the ’70s, beginning with Young Americans in 1975 and ending with 1980’s Scary Monsters. The run of recordings, which also includes…

Modern Drummer
Apr 8, 2016

Jefferson Airplane/Starship Drummer Joey Covington Dies

Joey Covington, who was a member of the legendary West Coast band Jefferson Airplane, died in a car crash this past Tuesday. He was sixty-seven years old. Covington became a professional drummer as a young teenager, taking gigs in, among…

Modern Drummer
Jun 6, 2013

Former Twisted Sister/Dictators Drummer Rich Teeter Passes

Rich Teeter, who served in two New York hard rock institutions—Twisted Sister and the Dictators—passed away on April 10 following a battle with esophageal cancer. He was sixty-one. Teeter, who was also a twenty-plus-year employee at music retailer Sam Ash,…

Modern Drummer
Apr 16, 2012

Drummer/Guitar Amp Guru Jim Marshall Passes

Jim Marshall, known as “the father of loud” for his introduction of the guitar amp bearing his name, passed away on April 5 after a series of health issues, the most recent being a battle with cancer. A player, teacher,…

Modern Drummer
Apr 5, 2012