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Album Review: Ringo Starr Postcards From Paradise

The peace-and-love guru is back with his eighteenth studio release. Postcards From Paradise was produced by Ringo and recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles, and, as all his previous solo albums, features a little help from his friends…

Modern Drummer
Mar 24, 2015

Gavin Harrison: The Rhythmic Illusionist Is Now Elevating Two Bands, Porcupine Tree And King Crimson

by Ken Micallef “I stopped focusing on the muscles in my arms and started focusing on the big fat muscle in my head. That’s where the good stuff comes from.” Forty-five-year-old Gavin Harrison has led a drummer’s dream life. He’s…

Modern Drummer
Nov 20, 2008

Gavin Harrison: Displacing Rhythms In Cyberspace

It’s not as if Gavin Harrison needs to lurk on the Internet. He’s popular. You like him! On the strength of his books, DVDs (including the recent Hudson release, Rhythmic Horizons) and performances with UK progressive band Porcupine Tree, you…

Modern Drummer
Aug 16, 2007

Gavin Harrison: Porcupine Tree's Grand Illusionist

by T. Bruce Wittet Mind-twisting rhythms meet super-fat grooves? Gavin Harrison is a rare artist who knows how to do both. If you’ve stumbled across any of British drummer Gavin Harrison’s educational books or videos, you’ll know that he’s deep…

Modern Drummer
Dec 15, 2006