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Back Through The Stack: Bill Rieflin

by Jon Wurster “Honestly, I don’t remember, sorry to say,” replies R.E.M. drummer Bill Rieflin when asked what it felt like the first time he counted off the band’s smash hit “Losing My Religion” before a paying audience. “On those…

Oct 13, 2011

Three Doors Down's Greg Upchurch

After stints with Eleven, Chris Cornell, and Puddle Of Mudd, drummer Greg Upchurch has finally found a home. When he took over the drum chair in Three Doors Down in 2005, Upchurch was originally brought in as a hired gun.…

Sep 27, 2008

Jason Sutter with Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth drummer Jason Sutter wasn’t looking to jump ship when he was asked to sit in on a third-call audition for vocalist Chris Cornell. Cornell, who left Audioslave earlier this year, needed a band to tour with in support…

Sep 19, 2007