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Frank Zummo of Sum 41

Dan Kerby (left) and Frank Zummo Hello MD family! A few years ago I met Dan Kerby during a NAMM show Zildjian signing. We hit it off and kept in touch throughout the years. This past March, Sum 41 kicked…

Jul 23, 2019

VIDEO DEMO! Product Close-Up: Fidock 6x13 Heartbreaker Series Snare

This excerpt is taken from the complete review that appears in the August 2015 issue, which can be purchased at: Product Close-Up Fidock 6x13 Heartbreaker Series Snare The crème de la crème of one of Australia’s finest tonewood connoisseurs. Fidock…

Jun 30, 2015

Brady Walkabout Series Additions

The Walkabout series is the personal project of Brady Drums founder Chris Brady, who travels deep into the remote deserts and forests of Australia to hand-select small amounts of rare, indigenous timbers, which are then handcrafted into limited editions, rarities,…

Oct 6, 2011

Jason McDonald of Strange Karma

Greetings, fellow Modern Drummer fanatics! My name is Jason McDonald, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. It’s an honor to be invited to blog here on MD’s website, especially when you consider that over the years I have managed to collect…

Jul 20, 2011

Phil Rudd: The Very Definition of Rock Drumming

When many musicians and fans think about no-nonsense, rock-solid, play-for-the-song drumming, the first name that comes to mind is Phil Rudd. The Australian drummer played in several Melbourne bands, such as Buster Brown and the Coloured Balls, before joining up…

May 27, 2011