Ari Gold

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Power Saves the Music & The VH1 Save the Music Foundation in Jersey City

Power Gives Back!! "Adventures of Power" is a comedy about an air-drummer who never got the chance to play music. The director, Ari Gold, created POWER SAVES THE MUSIC to rebuild school music programs. He works with Vh1 Save The…

Modern Drummer
Mar 9, 2012

Adventures Of Power’s Ari Gold

Go ahead, say it: “My name is ___ ____, and I am an air-drummer!” You know it’s true. Even Neil Peart pounded magazines on his bed long before he ever had a drumset. As for me, my name is Ari…

Modern Drummer
Jan 10, 2011

Adventures Of Power

Terry Bozzio Teaches Power

Modern Drummer
Oct 9, 2009

Ari Gold and Adventures of Power

Hi MD readers, drummers, and wanna-be drummers! After three years of complete insanity, I am closing in on finishing a movie you might enjoy. Adventures Of Power is about finding your own heartbeat; it's about the reason you almost crashed…

Modern Drummer
Mar 6, 2008