June 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 6


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Articles in June 1984

Bev Bevan — Reborn

  These days Bev Bevan is a particularly happy man. He sits in front of a color TV, minus the sound, in his hotel room a good two dozen stories above the streets of Manhattan and cracks a slight, almost…

by Robert Santelli
Jun 25, 2018

June 1984 - Volume 8 • Number 6

Tony Williams, Tris Imboden, Willie Wilcox, Dino Danelli, Simon Phillips, Bev Bevan, Elvin Jones, Gregg Bissonette, Terry Bozzio, Russ Kunkel

Modern Drummer
Jun 1, 1984

How Many Drums Do I Really Need?

I have heard drummers say, "You don't need a big kit. If you play on a smaller kit, you will be more creative and more musical." Several famous drummers have been quoted as saying, "I can do everything I need…

by Roy Burns
Jun 25, 2018

Peter Donald

If Peter Donald seems a bit cocky, lashing out at his drums with a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips, you must remember—he has a right to be. He's played with pop acts like Olivia Newton-John, Peter Allen, and Helen…

by Robin Tolleson
Jun 25, 2018

Tris Imboden — Positive Drumming

This gives me more than what I would expect from a drummer because he also gives me attitude,'' Kenny Loggins told me when I asked what he needed from a drummer. "Tris' attitude can hold the band together during times…

by Robyn Flans
Jun 25, 2018

John "Willie" Wilcox

Musician Make The Best Drummers I'm really anti-drum in a sense. Obviously you need facility and technique, but I subscribe to music, "states Utopia's Willie Wilcox. He has spent recent years becoming a total musician, developing his talents as producer,…

By Robyn Flans
Jun 25, 2018

Great Grooves, Part 1

From a general viewpoint, the word "groove" suggests a certain rhythmic precision in group playing, not unlike the word "tight" or the phrase "in the pocket." From a drummer's perspective, groove can also indicate a particular rhythmic motif, which, when…

by James Morton
Jun 25, 2018