June 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 6


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Articles in June 1984

How Many Drums Do I Really Need?

I have heard drummers say, "You don't need a big kit. If you play on a smaller kit, you will be more creative and more musical." Several famous drummers have been quoted as saying, "I can do everything I need…

by Roy Burns
Jun 25, 2018

John "Willie" Wilcox

Musician Make The Best Drummers I'm really anti-drum in a sense. Obviously you need facility and technique, but I subscribe to music, "states Utopia's Willie Wilcox. He has spent recent years becoming a total musician, developing his talents as producer,…

By Robyn Flans
Jun 25, 2018

Bev Bevan — Reborn

  These days Bev Bevan is a particularly happy man. He sits in front of a color TV, minus the sound, in his hotel room a good two dozen stories above the streets of Manhattan and cracks a slight, almost…

by Robert Santelli
Jun 25, 2018

Gerald Brown

Gerry Brown isn't sure what to call it—fate, destiny, chance—but whatever it was, the timing for his return to the U.S. was impeccable. The first phone call he made after arriving back wound up landing him a job in Lionel…

by Robin Tolleson
Jun 25, 2018

Peter Donald

If Peter Donald seems a bit cocky, lashing out at his drums with a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips, you must remember—he has a right to be. He's played with pop acts like Olivia Newton-John, Peter Allen, and Helen…

by Robin Tolleson
Jun 25, 2018

Great Grooves, Part 1

From a general viewpoint, the word "groove" suggests a certain rhythmic precision in group playing, not unlike the word "tight" or the phrase "in the pocket." From a drummer's perspective, groove can also indicate a particular rhythmic motif, which, when…

by James Morton
Jun 25, 2018

Tris Imboden — Positive Drumming

This gives me more than what I would expect from a drummer because he also gives me attitude,'' Kenny Loggins told me when I asked what he needed from a drummer. "Tris' attitude can hold the band together during times…

by Robyn Flans
Jun 25, 2018