August September 1981 – Volume 5 • Number 6


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Articles in August September 1981

Rock Perspectives - Modular Rock

Rock Perspectives Modular Rock by David Garibaldi *Accents and notes in parentheses are optional. "Depending on what precedes this, the sticking may be:The practicality of this study will depend on you. What is presented here are hand/foot combinations in modular…

Modern Drummer
May 10, 2017

Drum Soloist - Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich Paul's Tune

by Chuck Kerrigan
May 10, 2017

August September 1981 - Volume 5 • Number 6

Mickey Hart, Billy Kreutzmann, Barry Keane, James Bradley Jr., Casey Scheuerell, Colin Bailey, John Robinson, Buddy Rich, Hal Blaine, Alan Schwartzberg, Paul Humphrey, Steve Jordan, Ed Shaughnessy

Modern Drummer
Aug 1, 1981

Portraits - John Robinson

Within the last year and a half. John Robinson, drummer for Rufus, has joined the ranks of the L.A. session players.

by Robyn Flans
May 10, 2017

James Bradley, Jr.: Feels So Good

My mother and father were performing at a press party for Muhammed Ali about 1962. My father had been telling his friends that his four-year-old son could play the drums. I guess a lot of people didn't believe him, so my mother and father took a break, and they just let me loose, and I started playing.

Story and photos Scott K Fish
May 10, 2017

Show And Studio - Charles Collins: Up Close

Things really started happening for Charles Collins when Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson pulled him out of Dionne Warwick's road band in 1971.

by Bruce Nixon
May 10, 2017

Jazz Drummer's Workshop - The Music of the Drums - Part 3

This article will cover two related ideas: How to make the study of drum method books musically more useful, and some technical exercises that can he used to aid this development.

Barry Altschul
May 10, 2017

The Grateful Dead's Billy Kreutzmann & Mickey Hart

They have reached this point in their development through their own approach, concepts, and individual techniques. Their approach to music is open ended and continues to evolve.

Cheech Iero, Charley Perry
May 10, 2017

Concepts - Developing Good Time

Many drummers are capable of playing good time even though they may not know exactly how they developed this ability.

by Roy Burns
May 10, 2017

Strictly Technique - Bass Drum Control

When I wrote Bass Drum Control in 1964, it was at the request of drummers who wanted exercises to practice for hands and bass drum.

by Colin Bailey
May 10, 2017

Teacher's Forum - Drumset Applications of The Reed Syncopation

This article is a compilation of exercises by Mr. Breithaupt and two of his advanced students, Karl Ott and Peter Retzlaff.

by Robert Breithaupt
May 10, 2017

Casey Scheuerell: With Feeling

Casey Scheuerell is the high-powered drummer who is best known us the driving force behind Jean-Luc Ponty's eclectic violin, on such albums as Cosmic Messenger, Jean-Luc Ponty Live, and A Taste For Passion.

by Robert Carr
May 10, 2017