April 2015 Issue – Volume 40 • Number 3


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Articles in April 2015

Hemiola shifter With Three Stickings

Strictly Technique Hemiola shifter With Three Stickings Exploring the Half-Note Triplet by Bill Bachman This month we’re going to play half-note-triplet hemiolas in four positions, with three different stickings. Each sticking will require a totally different technical approach and will…

Bill Bachman
Feb 23, 2017

One The Cover - Bernard "Pretty" Purdie

What’s left to say about the R&B legend that hasn’t already been said? Some would declare that the outspoken drummer has pretty much covered it all himself, from his vast and unassailable list of performances on pop, soul, jazz, R&B,…

Billy Amendola
Feb 23, 2017

Catching Up With... Terry Silverlight

Catching Up With... Terry Silverlight by Jeff Potter Terry Silverlight has covered vast territory as a drummer and composer for recordings, television, and film. As a sideman, he recently played on vibraphonist Dave Shank’s Soundproof, pianist Ted Brancato’s The Next…

Jeff Potter
Feb 23, 2017

The Evolution of the Tom-Tom

Shop Talk The Evolution of the Tom-Tom From Chinese Noisemaker to Essential Instrument by Mark Cooper To most drummers today, the tom-tom is an indispensable part of the drumset. Aside from cymbals, the toms are the drummer’s main tools for…

Mark Cooper
Feb 23, 2017

Kenny Washington

Kenny Washington Busy jazz drummer and longtime MD contributor Paul Wells—who we last heard from in his December 2012 Drummer to Drummer feature with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra’s John Riley—sits down this month with a man that many consider to…

Paul Wells
Feb 23, 2017

Catching Up With... Corky Laing

Catching Up With... Corky Laing by Bob Girouard During classic rock’s golden era, Corky Laing found great success with guitarist Leslie West and bassist Felix Pappalardi in the proto-metal band Mountain (“Mississippi Queen”), which he’s played with on and off…

Bob Girouard
Feb 23, 2017

Gabor Dornyei

Gabor Dornyei This drummer has logged quite a few air miles in his career, and each stop along the way has left a lasting impression on his music. U.K.-based drummer Gabor Dornyei is among the busiest touring player/educators on the…

Mike Haid
Feb 23, 2017

John Colpitts

John Colpitts Toeing the line between rigid structure and utter chaos, the drummer for the long-running art-punk band Oneida—who’s also known by Kid Millions or by another of his “taken” names, Man Forever—bangs drums into infinity. The so-called father of…

Will Romano
Feb 23, 2017

Chloe Saavedra

Chloe Saavedra of Chaos Chaos It’s often pointed out that life’s changes can be particularly stressful on young musicians who balance a “normal” existence with that of a performer. But anyone who’s been following Chloe Saavedra’s career knows that she…

Adam Budofsky
Feb 23, 2017

Traditional Percussion on Drumset, Part 1: Congas

Around The World Traditional Percussion on Drumset Part 1: Congas by Arturo Stable My goal with this set of articles is to share a few traditional percussion rhythms and techniques that can be applied to the drumset. This first installment…

Arturo Stable
Feb 23, 2017

Diamonds in the Ruff, Part 2: The Sexy Four-Stroke

Rock Perspectives Diamonds in the Ruff Part 2: The Sexy Four-Stroke by Matt Starr Welcome to part two of our miniseries on the ruff. I consider the three-stroke ruff to be the workingman’s rudiment. The four-stroke is much sexier, but…

Matt Starr
Feb 23, 2017

"Rock Steady" Demystified - Four Steps to Mastering an Advanced Funk Groove

In The Pocket by Jim Payne Have you ever checked out Bernard Purdie’s beat on Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady”? And what about the classic drum break that includes Purdie’s signature hi-hat bark? That’s one of the most recognizable funk licks…

Jim Payne
Feb 23, 2017

Concepts - Building, Not Burning, Bridges

Concepts Russ Miller Thoughts on Professionalism and Career-Destroying Attitudes by Russ Miller I was recently asked to do an oral-history interview for the Percussive Arts Society. During the interview, we talked about developing business relationships and how that relates to…

Russ Miller
Feb 23, 2017

Mark Stepro

Mark Stepro He’s as likely to be seen rocking out on late-night TV as he is in war-ravaged conflict zones, playing the role of state-sponsored cultural ambassador. It’s all part of a career defined by balance—between preparation and inspiration, commerce…

Ilya Stemkovsky
Feb 23, 2017