February March 1982 – Volume 6 • Number 1


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Articles in February March 1982

Philly Joe Jones

In the early '50s, Tony Scott hired a young drummer from Philadelphia named Joe Jones. To avoid confusion with Count Basie's famous drummer (Jo Jones), Scott would introduce his drummer by saying, "This is the Joe Jones from Philly." Eventually,…

by Rick Mattingly
Jun 19, 2017

Stix Hooper: Finding The Groove

When Nesbert Hooper was twelve years old he spent so much time practicing on an old parade drum that his friends in Houston's Fifth Ward began calling him "Stix." At fifteen he put a band together with other teenage musicians…

by Cheech Iero
Jun 19, 2017

Triumvirate: Earth, Wind & Fire's Ralph Johnson – Freddie White – Philip Bailey

The name of the group perhaps best describes the music. The rock and substance of the earth, the light, free breeze of the wind and the explosive, igniting spark of fire—Earth, Wind & Fire. They have come a long way…

by Robyn Flans
Jun 19, 2017

The Evolution of the Drum Set: Part Two

Percussion manufacturers and designers are constantly inundating the percussion world with new hardware and new designs on old hardware. Most drummers, when they visit a well-stocked drum shop, feel like a kid in a candy store. Although there has been…

Story by Danny L. Read | Photos by Ken Mezines
Jun 19, 2017

Jamie Oldaker Moving Centerstage

It all started simply enough, just another 6th grader who wanted to find some identity by learning to play an instrument in the school band. Who would have guessed that 19 years later he would turn out to be among…

by Robert Gomez
Jun 19, 2017

Emil Richards

What Los Angeles studio percussionist refers to his equipment, an assortment of over 650 percussion instruments from around the world, as his "collection"? Who keeps his standard, ethnic, and exotic collection at a storage facility known as "The Warehouse"? Whose…

by Dave Levine
Jun 19, 2017

Rock Perspectives - Three Beats

The following two examples are simple hand/foot patterns that can be put together as one. Both hand parts from (a) are played with the R.H. and both hand parts from (b) are played with the L.H.     These next…

by David Garibaldi
Jun 19, 2017

Jazz Drummers Workshop - Stickings: Part II

In Stickings: Part I (November '81 MD), I presented a basic system of stickings. We will now examine ways in which the stickings can be applied to the drumset. Key:   Using Stickings to Play Rock Time Feels Stickings can be…

by Gary Chaffee
Jun 19, 2017


Billy Hart – "Tokudo"          

Transcribed by Jean-Etienne Roch
Jun 19, 2017

Using the Right Size Equipment for the Job

From my many clinics and solo appearances in the U.S. and in other countries, I have had the opportunity to hear literally scores of big-band drummers and observe their equipment. I've seen many common errors in size and type of…

by Ed Shaughnessy
Jun 19, 2017

Accent Conversions

Most students would like to fly effortlessly around the drum set at high speed producing a dazzling array of solos and fills. Simple as it is, relatively tew drummers know the formula for developing the appropriate technical skills. Because so…

by Charlie Perry
Jun 19, 2017