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Buried Treasures

I Unboxed Charlie’s First Drum Kit and Other Stories from The Watts Collection It’s hard to know what to say at a time like this. Most people will mention Charlie Watt’s contribution to the world of rock drumming—which, of course,…

By Steve Maxwell
Oct 29, 2021

Louie Bellson

Drummer, Composer, Bandleader, and Double-Bass Pioneer Last month we talked about the father of modern jazz drumming, Papa Jo Jones. This time we’re featuring one of Papa Jo’s disciples, the great jazz artist and drumset innovator Louie Bellson.Bellson was the…

Modern Drummer
Jul 9, 2020

Papa Jo Jones

The Father of Modern Jazz Drumming Papa Jo Jones was the epitome of swing, from his very early days with the Count Basie band in the ’30s until he passed away in 1985. His style, grace, and incredibly musical approach…

Modern Drummer
Jun 3, 2020

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drum Shop

Aided by his wife, his two sons, and some trusted employees with whom he doesn’t share a last name, Maxwell has seen his business evolve to include custom drum making and cymbal repurposing. And his responsibilities go beyond owning and…

Interview by Patrick Berkery
Sep 27, 2017