The Modern Drummer Podcast

Episode 79: John DeChristopher Live From My Drum Room With Ed Toth & Marc Quinones

John’s guests are drummer Ed Toth, and percussionist Marc Quinones, of The Doobie Brothers. Ed recalled being invited to audition for the Doobie Brothers in 2005 after his band “Vertical Horizon” disbanded, to replace the late-great Keith Knudsen and be second drummer alongside Micheal Hossack. Marc recalled joining the Allman Brothers Band in 1991 at the invitation of the late-great Butch Trucks, where he was percussionist for 23 years alongside Butch and Jaimoe, until the band stopped in 2014. He then joined Greg Allman’s band until Greg’s passing, and joined the Doobie Brothers in 2018. Throughout the show, John, Ed and Marc talked about their long history together, with lots of great Doobie Brothers and Allman Brothers stories.



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