Episode 50: Billy Amendola with Randy Cooke.

Welcome to this week’s Modern Drummer Podcast with Billy Amendola and his special guest, session, and touring drummer, Randy Cooke.

Born in Canada, Randy grew up listening to Top-40 radio and folk music as well as watching his dad perform in marching band, where Randy also learned Drum Corp playing in his early years before joining his first band Phase 4 at fifteen years old.

In 2004, already having a successful studio career in Canada, Randy moved to California and became a top call session drummer and has never looked back. He’s recorded albums with Kelly Clarkson, Eurythmics Dave Stewart, as well as touring recently with Colbie Caillat, and Smash Mouth to name a few. One of the coolest groove masters on the planet. Ladies and Gentlemen, Randy Cooke.