The Modern Drummer Podcast

Episode 46: David Frangioni & Billy Amendola with Nic Collins.

This week’s Modern Drummer Podcast with David Frangioni and Billy Amendola features drummer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer Nic Collins. The talented nineteen-year-old talks to MD about his band Better Strangers’ debut EP, Luna’s Daydream.

The rock band from Florida are long-time friends featuring Collins on drums, Joey Rodriguez on guitar, bassist Yang Waingarten, and newcomer deCasa on lead vocals. 

Nic, wise beyond his years, offers advice on being a band member, recording and playing live shows with his band, as well as preparing for an upcoming long-awaited tour with a legendary band. Let’s tune in. Boys and girls, Nic Collins. Enjoy! 



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