Episode 34: Listener Questions, Living Colour’s Will Calhoun, Chicago Drum 6.5×14 Maple/poplar Snare, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike field several listener questions before discussing their experience with metric modulation. The featured artist this week is Living Colour’s Will Calhoun, and in the gear review section the hosts discuss and demo the Slingerland-style Chicago Drum 6.5×14 maple/poplar snare. The show concludes with picks of the week comprising one of Johnston’s favorite drum solos and a cool accessory item from Meinl.

Show Notes

April 2016 Modern Drummer:

Mike Johnston’s website:

Will Calhoun solo from 2008 Modern Drummer Festival:

Chicago Drum:

Chicago snare demos:

Dave DiCenso solo from 2006 Modern Drummer Festival:

Meinl Kessing:

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