MD Podcast Episode 12: Bass Drum Speed, Brian Frasier-Moore, Coated and Clear Drumheads, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike discuss some of the things included in the November 2015 issue of Modern Drummer, including Johnston’s Rock & Jazz Clinic article on developing bass drum speed. They also talk about cover artist Brian Frasier-Moore, who’s currently drumming for Madonna, and they dig into their thoughts on the differences between coated and clear drumheads. In the gear review section, Dawson shares his impressions of Soultone’s new Noa series pre-pack and several Gaai snare drums. The show concludes with a website and app recommendation from the hosts.

Show Notes

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November Rock & Jazz Clinic Video

Soultone Noa Cymbal Pack Video Demo

Gaai Snare Drums Video Demo

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