Dony WynnThe Robert Palmer/Brooks & Dunn Vet Returns With Knuckle Yummy

Some of you out there in drumland may have wondered why I seemingly dropped off the face of the earth for the last seven years. Admittedly, a question I asked myself once or twice. Even though I can’t recommend my course of actions TO ANYONE, what I’ve endured was absolutely necessary for my growth, both as a musician and as a human being.

Even though many questioned my sanity when I parted company with Brooks & Dunn, sold everything I had, paid off all debt, took a strict vow of poverty, and moved to the middle of nowhere to write a novel and nothing else, I knew deep in my heart of hearts that I was headed where I needed go, and would eventually find balance. I’m happy to report my journey–even though it was fraught with a vicious near-death experience, and I was one step away from homelessness on several occasions–led me to the place I yearned, creatively as well as spiritually. When that little voice tells me to take the most wildly unpredictable journey, a journey that flies in the very face of convention and rationale–like leaving my family’s business empire to pursue a career in music (worked out rather well for both myself and Robert Palmer, methinks), or this current one–I don’t question. I just walk up to the edge of the cliff and dive, knowing I’ll grow wings before I bite it, as always.

Even though I was psychologically prepared to never make music again, it would appear music is far from done with moi. I now feel a deep satisfaction every time I sit behind my kit. Working with young, undiscovered talent and helping their music flourish via my experience is satisfying beyond anything I’ve ever felt. Throwing down with big dogs in the studio is still eminently rewarding, but finding raw seed and nurturing it gives me a distinct feeling of purpose. There’s more to life than a steady, robust paycheck, I’ve found, and I’ve always maintained, as RP did, that if you set your bar high and do the work for all the right reasons, the fruits of your labors shall follow.

I’m also very blessed to be living in one of the coolest cities on the planet–Austin, Tejas, to be exact. Austin has deep musical roots, but there’s a new talent movement here that’s totally off the scale. As a result, I’m still in the business of making songs come to life through textures and beats, and I’m producing and mixing as much as drumming these days. Inspired to the nth! You can check some of what I’ve been up to since my emergence from the abyss at

And the most incredible gift of this journey has been the inception of my new band, Knuckle Yummy, This group is a return to the raw danger of freefall collaboration, a marriage of old and new. I get my yaya’s out and then some with this amazing, one-of-a-kind unit! Get wet! Spread the gospel—.

Meanwhile, life is good, God is good.

Y tan va.