Drummer Tony Fagenson of Eve 6Coming off a platinum debut album isn’t always easy, but Eve 6 is confident that their sophomore offering, Horrorscope, is going to follow suit. “While making this record,” drummer Tony Fagenson admits, “there was that lingering thought in the back of our minds that we had to match the success of the last one. But once we started hanging out and writing again, all those thoughts went away. It became, Let’s just make the best album we can make right now.”

Because the band is a trio, Fagenson says he feels more weight is put on each individual player. “I try to be there as a musician,” he says, “not just as a drummer. I’m there in the production end of things. But as a drummer, I want to groove and create good music. A big part of this band is the lyrics, and I take them as my starting point and try to craft the drum part around them. Lead vocals are the loudest thing I have in my mix because they’re so percussive. I try to make everything go right under that to create a nice bed.”

Fagenson says he’s happy to be back on the road again. “Our main forte is live performance,” he says. “That’s where we live, and that’s where we love to be. Yeah, we’re excited to be back out there, giving it to everybody.”