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Mike Portnoy's Percussive Nation 2019 Music Camp

Mike Portnoy's Percussive Nation 2019 Music Camp "I am so excited to announce the debut of my "Percussive Nation"! This is more than just a Drum Camp, it is a Music Camp for all musicians of every instrument and every…

Modern Drummer
Dec 3, 2018

Atma Anur

Things have changed so much in the past ten years—in general, and for me personally, in the way I interface with the music industry. I feel like those ten years have progressed in a very different and far more varied…

Modern Drummer
Nov 7, 2011

Virgil Donati: Hellacious Drumming With Devil’s Slingshot And Beyond

When guitar god Tony MacAlpine was asked to tour Europe in 2007, he called on two of his former band mates from Steve Vai’s touring group, bass virtuoso Billy Sheehan and drumming superstar Virgil Donati. The shredsters quickly gelled, and…

Modern Drummer
Feb 19, 2009