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Showroom: Simmons SD100KIT Electronic Drumset

Sporting a new industrial design and a space-conscious footprint, the SD100KIT electronic drumset is ideal for beginners, students, and drummers looking for a practice kit. Compact enough to fit neatly into a bedroom, office, or home studio, the SD100KIT features…

Modern Drummer
Apr 19, 2015

Showroom: Simmons SD500 Electronic Drumkit

The full-size SD500 five-piece electronic drumkit is said to be ideal for rehearsals, recording, schools, houses of worship, and small to mid-size clubs. The SD500 features a 9" dual-zone snare pad, three 8" tom pads, and kick drum with integrated…

Modern Drummer
Oct 9, 2014

Simmons Introduces Stryke6 iPad Drum Controller

The new Stryke6 is an iPad controller that delivers a tactile playing experience in a compact, tabletop design. Equipped with six velocity-sensitive pads plus two foot pedals for kick and hi-hat control, the laptop-sized Stryke6 is ideal for on-the-go playing,…

Modern Drummer
Aug 22, 2014

Simmons Releases Full-Size 6-Piece SD1500KIT Electronic Drumset

  The SD1500KIT is a full-sized six-piece drumkit that comes with a hi-hat, three multi-zone cymbals, and twenty-two specific trigger points. The hex-shaped blue-anodized frame and die-cast hardware feature memory locks for quick setup and stability. The multi-position hi-hat pedal…

Modern Drummer
Jun 16, 2014

John DeChristopher, former Vice President of Zildjian

Hello, MD readers! Everyone’s always asking me what I’m doing with all my spare time these days. Well as it turns out, I don’t have as much spare time as I thought I would. I still wake up early, but…

Modern Drummer
Jun 14, 2013