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Chris "Gartdrumm" Gartmann

The resurgence of progressive rock has opened the door for younger drummers to rediscover the more technically challenging aspects of this classic art rock culture. The Woodstock, New York–based prog-pop group 3 is on the rise, and has tapped into…

Modern Drummer
Jun 5, 2008

Mike Portnoy—No Longer The New Kid On The Prog-Rock Block

Mike Portnoy is no longer the new kid on the progressive-rock block. The once proclaimed "next Neil Peart" has proven himself many times over to be worthy of acknowledgement. This isn't so much for the commercial success of his band…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2004

Alan White: Yes Magnified

"Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, and I wrote all of the material in the studio," explains drummer Alan White of Yes about their recent album, Magnification. With a rare keyboardist-free Yes lineup, the band decided to utilize a symphony…

Modern Drummer
Mar 15, 2002