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Dirk Verbeuren Is Officially the new Drummer in Megadeth

Genre-defining thrash band Megadeth has announced that Dirk Verbeuren is its new drummer. Verbeuren, formerly of popular Swedish metal band Soilwork, has been performing with Megadeth for several months, initially at the Rock on the Range festival this past May.…

Modern Drummer
Jul 15, 2016

Kenny Aronoff Joins Rick Springfield For Cancer Benefit

Rick Springfield (“Jessie’s Girl”) is hosting Rock for Ruben to help raise funds for the the pop-rock singer’s  guitar tech, Ruben Velasco, who is battling cancer. Joining Springfield at the event, which will be held at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in…

Modern Drummer
Aug 13, 2014

Shawn Drover of Megadeth

Hello, out there in drumland, Shawn Drover from Megadeth reporting once again about this current featuring Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. At this point, we now have only two shows left, and I must say that this tour has been a…

Modern Drummer
Oct 21, 2010

Jimmy DeGrasso: Laying Down His Signature Stroke With A New Project

When F5 bassist and founder David Ellefson needed a drummer for the group’s sophomore CD, it was a no-brainer to enlist his former Megadeth rhythm section partner Jimmy DeGrasso. Though Ellefson hadn’t done any preliminary drum programming, DeGrasso nailed his…

Modern Drummer
Jan 29, 2009

Shawn Drover — Megadeth

When Shawn Drover joined Megadeth in October 2004, his biggest concern wasn’t learning the group’s head-spinning drum parts, but rather being accepted by long-time fans. “Fans of Megadeth are so proud of this band that I think if you weren’t…

Modern Drummer
Oct 19, 2007