Josh Dion

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MD Podcast Episode 182: Josh Dion, Five-a-Diddles, British Drum Company, and More

In this episode Mike and Mike discuss April 2019 featured artist Josh Dion. The education segment focuses on paradiddle-style patterns in quintuplet groupings. Up for review is a Lounge Series drumset by British Drum Company. After fielding a few listener…

Modern Drummer
Mar 8, 2019

On the Beat with Josh Dion of Paris Monster: Talks New Single and Upcoming Performances

Hello Modern Drummer readers, I’m excited to share my very first “On the Beat” post with my favorite drum magazine. Since it’s my initial step into this, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on and what’s coming up…

Modern Drummer
Aug 22, 2017

Episode 32: Listener Questions, Common Drum Terminology, Josh Dion, Ultimate Ears In-Ear Monitors, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike field listener questions, discuss some common drum terminology, and share their thoughts on relatively unknown drummer/singer Josh Dion. Johnston then gives a detailed review of the Ultimate Ears UE-4 and UE-11 custom-mold in-ear monitors.…

Modern Drummer
Mar 11, 2016

Josh Dion of Lady Clown

If you've discovered Lady Clown, and their debut record First Lady Clown, you've discovered well-crafted songs, mind-racking yet flowing lyrics, screaming guitars, system-exploding bass noise, sensitive ballads, and a whole new edition to the New York indie scene that hopefully…

Modern Drummer
Apr 22, 2008