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On The Beat with Karol of Gorod: Talks Improvisation and Gear

Photo by Cedric Cambien Hi all! I am Karol of Gorod. We shot this short studio video (see link below) during the recording sessions for the album Aethra. It showcases a pretty wide musical range of what I like to…

Modern Drummer
Oct 4, 2018

Robin Stone of the Amenta

Hey there, everyone in MD Interwebs land! My name is Robin Stone, and I play in the Amenta. I’ve got something different to talk about: extreme metal drumming. Whenever you turn on the radio or watch any pop/rock video, chances…

Modern Drummer
Nov 4, 2009

Peter Wildoer of Darkane

When most folks think of extreme-metal drumming, they tend to picture a guy like Peter Wildoer, especially during his days with the progressive metal band Agretator in the early ’90s and during his stint with Arch Enemy in ’97–someone able…

Modern Drummer
Mar 5, 2007