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VIDEO DEMO! Product Close-Up: Castle Tapered Snares

This post is excerpted from the complete review that appears in the May 2015 issue.  Product Close-Up Castle Tapered Snares Massachusetts-based craftsman David Cheney has developed a unique conical snare drum shell with function as its focus. The shell is…

Mar 31, 2015

Product Close-Up: Dixon Artisan Select Drumset (w/ VIDEO)

April 2013 Product Close-Up Dixon Artisan Select Drumset by Miguel Monroy Imagine the day finally comes when you get to purchase your dream drumset. You’ve been researching the characteristics of different species of wood, you’ve thought of the coolest color,…

Feb 20, 2013

GMS 6.5x14 Super Vintage Snare

    The complete review of the GMS 6.5x14 Super Vintage snare drum is on page 27 of the November issue of Modern Drummer magazine.              

Sep 20, 2011

Pork Pie 7x14 Cherry/Bubinga Snare

  The complete review of the Pork Pie 7x14 cherry/bubinga snare drum is on page 31 of the October issue of Modern Drummer magazine.            

Aug 11, 2011