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Billy Ward: Deep Thoughts, Deep Rhythms

Billy Ward is a unique force in the drum world—a technician of the highest order who can bring taste and creativity to a huge variety of musical situations, a clear and enthusiastic educator, and a notorious drumming thinker who is…

Modern Drummer
Mar 4, 2011

Dennis Chambers: Fiercely Comin’ At You From Multiple Directions

Dennis Chambers was born on May 9, 1959, and started playing the drums at the young age of four. By his sixth birthday he was already playing in nightclubs. Strictly self-taught, at the age of eighteen Dennis went straight from…

Modern Drummer
Mar 26, 2010

Paul Motian

Give Paul Motian a break for deciding to cease touring in favor of occasional appearances in New York City. After all, the man has spent his adult life on the road, lending his cascading and earthy tones to the likes…

Modern Drummer
Oct 15, 2006