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Cliff Leeman: The Embodiment Of Tasteful Drumming

“I try to play behind the soloist. I’d rather play a four-bar chase chorus with a horn, something with different tones and sounds, than get into a rudimental solo,” said Cliff Leeman, one of jazz drumming’s most tasteful artists. Never…

Modern Drummer
Mar 24, 2010

Sidney “Big Sid" Catlett: Busting Open Doors To The Modern Drumming Age

Though Big Sid Catlett came out of the swing era, he is best remembered for a drumming style that had a marked influence on the bop drummers of the ’40s. Catlett bridged the gap between the two genres, and his…

Modern Drummer
Mar 22, 2010

Jimmy Crawford: Kansas City’s Rock of Gibraltar

One of the most exciting and dynamic groups to come out of Kansas City during the swing era was the Jimmy Lunceford big band. Drummer Jimmy Crawford, a high-spirited, supportive player, was the driving force behind the Lunceford band for…

Modern Drummer
Jan 5, 2010

Han Bennink: Things No Drummer Has Ever Done

In his video, Solo, Dutch phenomenon Han Bennink does things no drummer has ever done in any performance, much less on video. Han ties ropes around a drumset and then crashes the drums and cymbals together like dominoes spinning in…

Modern Drummer
Dec 14, 2009