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On the Beat With Roberta Flack’s Brandon Mullen: Working With Artists and Making Time for His Own Band

Hi, MD readers! This is Brandon Mullen, drummer for Roberta Flack, I’m happy to share what I’ve been up to lately. It’s been an honor to work with the legendary Roberta Flack for about four years now. In addition to…

Modern Drummer
Aug 10, 2015

VIDEO DEMO! Get the Most Beat for Your Buck: 4 Options for Building a Primo Snare Collection on a Workingman’s Budget

This excerpt is taken from the complete article that appears in the August 2015 issue, which can be purchased at: Shop Talk Get the Most Beat for Your Buck 4 Options for Building a Primo Snare Collection on a…

Modern Drummer
Jun 30, 2015

Rock & Jazz Clinic: Grooving in Form, Part 1: AABA Beats (VIDEO)

The excerpt below is taken from the complete article that appears in the July 2015 issue, which is available here. Rock & Jazz Clinic Grooving in Form Part 1: AABA Beats by Mike Johnston One of the first things you learn…

Modern Drummer
May 29, 2015

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Portable Production Station

M-Audio, manufacturer of computer interface and studio integration solutions, offers a great advanced performance pad controller with onboard sequencing and software integration, called Trigger Finger Pro. The Trigger Finger Pro features sixteen ultra-responsive RGB illuminated pads, sixteen backlit step sequencer…

Modern Drummer
Jun 23, 2014

Omar Hakim Video Fluid Time, Groove, and Listener Anticipation

“You don’t want to force it; you just want to be on the ride. Sometimes things that are repeated over and over again gain momentum.” Omar Hakim is talking about the track “Remember to Remember,” from his new solo album,…

Modern Drummer
Jun 11, 2014