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Billy Ward: Deep Thoughts, Deep Rhythms

Billy Ward is a unique force in the drum world—a technician of the highest order who can bring taste and creativity to a huge variety of musical situations, a clear and enthusiastic educator, and a notorious drumming thinker who is…

Modern Drummer
Mar 4, 2011

Bernard Purdie: Funky Hit Maker For The Ages

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie was born on June 11, 1939 in Elkton, Maryland, the eleventh of fifteen children. Bernard took an interest in rhythm at a very young age, and by the time he was fourteen he’d purchased his first real…

Modern Drummer
Mar 17, 2010

Rick Latham: For Him, It’s All About The Groove

Two thousand nine has a lot in store for Rick Latham. First up is his new DVD, All About The Groove. “I believe that drummers need to play a lot of different styles to stay busy,” says Latham, whose own…

Modern Drummer
Feb 25, 2009

Jay Bellerose: All In A Year’s Work

(March 2009 Issue)If you caught Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on 2008’s Raising Sand tour, you couldn’t help but focus on the guy providing the heartbeat to the harmony-laden, roots-and-roll revue, Jay Bellerose. Not only was Bellerose’s drumming an inventive…

Modern Drummer
Feb 5, 2009

Jim Fox of The James Gang and More

As The James Gang’s founder and only constant member during their 1966–76 run, you would think their criminally unheralded drummer, Jim Fox, would know if he owned the rights to his band’s name. “I just don’t know much about the…

Modern Drummer
Aug 5, 2006