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On the Beat With Chris Reeve of Filter: Connecting and Creating Relationships

Chris Reeve (photo by Anna Sklavos) What’s up, Modern Drummer readers? I’m Chris Reeve, drummer for the band Filter. It’s an honor to be featured on here. This has been the most intense year of my life—getting the call to…

Modern Drummer
Oct 2, 2015

On the Beat With Pete Parada of the Offspring: The Audition; Or, the Fine Art of Being Over Prepared

Hi MD, Pete here. We’ve all been there. Anyone who has ever held any kind of gig has had to go through some kind of audition. They can range anywhere from nerve-wracking to downright terrifying, depending on the situation. Auditions…

Modern Drummer
Jul 2, 2015

US Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble Seeking Drummer

The US Navy Band Commodores, the Navy’s premier jazz ensemble, have been performing jazz for over forty years. Formed in 1969, this eighteen-member group continues the big band legacy with some of the finest musicians in the world. Led by…

Modern Drummer
Jun 3, 2013

Scott Garapolo of Apache Stone

Hey, MD readers! First off let me say that it’s the biggest honor to appear here, I’ve read this magazine religiously for years, so I’m psyched! I just landed the gig with Apache Stone, a band fronted by Mike Lombardi…

Modern Drummer
Oct 5, 2009