October 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 10


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Articles in October 1985


Chris Parker

When Chris Parker was an aspiring young drummer, he figured that if he could play with Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles, well, he'd have accomplished something truly special in his career. To be sure, it was a tall…

by Robert Santelli
Sep 24, 2018

Drumming And The Big Move

Every now and then, I receive a letter from a frustrated young drummer. Many of the letters say something like: "I have been playing for X amount of years. I've taken some lessons, but my reading needs improvement. I play…

by Roy Burns
Sep 24, 2018
Up & Coming

Roli Garcia, Jr.

Roli Garcia, Jr., is a drummer from Laredo, Texas, with an unusual string of accomplishments to his credit. In just eight years of playing the drums, Roli has jammed with Vinnie Colaiuta's band, appeared as a guest artist at several…

by Rick Van Horn
Sep 24, 2018

Chris Slade — Technique And Heart

Inside one of New York's most elegant hotels, the new rock conglomerate, The Firm, has taken up residence, calling the place "home" for the last leg of its first U.S. tour. In the hotel's bar, I'm waiting for Chris Slade's…

by Teri Saccone
Sep 24, 2018
In The Studio

Studio Drumming: A Producer’s Perspective

Sitting with Val Garay in his office at his studio, Record One, it is easy to see why artists enjoy working with him. He's easygoing and warm. Even with all the hubbub and demands of the studio, he still puts…

by Robyn Flans
Sep 24, 2018

Mickey Roker — The Natural

The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, lays claim to a set of freedom-founding parchments, a legendary local kite flyer, a big cracked bell, and a roster of incredible jazz artists, including a fiery drummer who proved himself on these historic…

by Jeff Potter
Sep 24, 2018

Eddie Bayers — Overcoming The Obstacles

While growing up, Eddie Bayers dug R&B and the likes of Wilson Pickett, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin. It seems like a far cry from his position as one of the primary drummers in Nashville, recording with such notables as…

by Robyn Flans
Sep 24, 2018