November 2014 Issue – Volume 39 • Number 11


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Articles in November 2014

Duple/Triple Single-Diddle Gear Shifters Part 2

16th Notes and Sextuplets This month we’re going to isolate timing and sticking gear shifts between 16th notes and sextuplets (aka 16th-note triplets). These exercises are great for improving your hand technique as well as your timing. Using singles and…

by Bill Bachman
Feb 28, 2018

Chuck “Palito” Silverman

The drum community suffered an immense loss this past May 1, when teacher, mentor, and percussion ambassador Chuck “Palito” Silverman passed away at age sixty-two. Internationally renowned as a specialist in applying Afro-Caribbean rhythms to the drumset, Silverman brought over…

by Donny Gruendler
Feb 28, 2018

Jonathan Joseph

Guitar god Jeff Beck didn’t get where he is by keeping his drummers in the shadows. Quite the opposite—few leaders enjoy having a fire lit under them as much as Beck does. Can you say Narada Michael Walden? Simon Phillips?…

by Billy Amendola
Feb 28, 2018

Syncopation Revisited Part 6: Assorted Applications

Welcome to the final installment of our series on ways to interpret the classic Ted Reed book Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer. The following applications can be used with any of the seventy-two repetitive one-measure examples from…

by Steve Fidyk
Feb 28, 2018

Be Prepared! Long-Term and Short-Term Skills for Success

I thought I would use this month’s column to elaborate on the details of developing your product. Last month we discussed balancing artistry and commerce. We broke that down into the four parts of these vital components. First, make a…

by Russ Miller
Feb 28, 2018

Color Your Groove Tips for Playing Drums and Handheld Percussion Simultaneously

Adding handheld percussion, like shakers and tambourines, to tracks in the studio is nothing new. Producers have long taken advantage of the opportunity to overdub layers of rhythmic texture without necessarily worrying about how it’s all going to be replicated…

by Eric Novod
Feb 28, 2018

Alice Cooper's Glen Sobel

Watching the versatile and dynamic Glen Sobel perform with shock-rock legend Alice Cooper is like attending a clinic on how to do everything right as a great live rock drummer. The muscular Sobel’s animated motions make the groove seem larger…

By Mike Haid | Photos by Alex Solca
Feb 28, 2018