June 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 6


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Articles in June 1983


Archie Alleyne

The funny thing is, that in some circles, Archie Alleyne is known as a restaurateur. For instance, ask any American who has spent at least one summer in Toronto, and he'll probably mention the Underground Railroad, the soul food restaurant…

by Katherine Alicia Black
Dec 12, 2017

Friendship and Drummers

Friendship amongst drummers takes on many curious attitudes. For example, we have the fair-weather friend. He is the guy who is super friendly to you if you are with a name group. When you are between groups he loses interest…

by Roy Burns
Dec 12, 2017
Jazz Drummer's Workshop

Time And Its Nuances

This article will deal with time in its basic form, as applied to swing, bebop, gospel, Dixieland, Latin, rock, country & western or whatever. The basic principles will apply when playing any rhythmical style which requires a steady pulse. Time…

by Ed Thigpen
Dec 12, 2017
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic


There is an ancient Chinese curse that says "May your children live in 'interesting' times"—meaning, I suppose, a period of calamity and conflict. That also implies that if you grew up in a dull era, it was also a safe…

by Jim Chapin
Dec 12, 2017

Terry Clarke — Playing In The Right Place

The 1983 science-fiction movie Strange Invaders, starring Louise Fletcher, has a bar scene in which saxophonist Buddy Tate, guitarist Ed Bickert and drummer Terry Clarke perform on-camera. Don't look for Clarke at the Oscars just yet, but it captures him…

T. Bruce Wittet
Dec 12, 2017
Rock Charts

"Hurts So Good"

Photo by Eric Demme "Hurts So Good," like many other songs played on the radio today, sounds technically basic and very simple. But if you listen carefully, there are many creative subtleties in the music. Hot licks and flash may…

by Kenny Aronoff
Dec 12, 2017

June 1983 - Volume 7 • Number 6

Bill Bruford, Mike Clark, Mark Craney, Ed Thigpen, George Wettling, Kenny Aronoff, Jim Chapin, Terry Clarke, John Densmore, Gregg Bissonette, Carl Palmer, Russ Kunkel, Graham Lear

Modern Drummer
Jun 1, 1983
From The Past

George Wettling

Paul Whiteman and George Wettling Someday there may be a poll to elect The Greatest Jazz Band Drummer Of All Time. But are there enough of us who remember how fine George Wettling played; enough of us to give this…

by Brad Spinney
Dec 12, 2017

Mark Craney — Pursuing His Art

Photo by Lissa Wales Just three years ago, at age 27, Mark Craney felt he had reached the peak of his career, with no more goals to attain. Life, with its inevitable twists and turns, showed him he was wrong.…

by Robyn Flans
Dec 12, 2017

Mike Clark — Tradition In Transition

Photo by Rick Mattingly Oh, yeah, Mike Clark. The fusion drummer, right? Well . . . no (not the Byrds' drummer either, thank you). "I've been playing drums since I was five years old, man," Clark explains with a shrug…

by Chip Stern
Dec 12, 2017