January 1987 – Volume 11 • Number 1


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Articles in January 1987


Walter Keiser And Pedro Haldemann

Andreas who? Vollenweider?  If you haven't heard of him, it's not likely that you'll know who his drummer and percussionist are, either. The Swiss group, headed by composer and electric harpist Vollenweider, is best selling in Europe (where critical acclaim…

by Jany Sabins
Feb 5, 2019

January 1987 - Volume 11 • Number 1

Gregg Bissonette, Gary Husband, Woody Herman, Rod Morgenstein, Walter Keiser, Pedro Haldemann, Bryan Holmes, Anton Fig, Vinny Appice, Gina Schock

Modern Drummer
Jan 1, 1987

More Questions And Some Answers

Back in the May, 1982 issue of MD,  I wrote a column entitled "Questions, Questions, Questions, And A Few Answers." That column had to do with the many questions that young drummers ask themselves and others. Over the years since…

by Roy Burns
Feb 5, 2019

The Drummers Of Woody Herman

Frank Carlson, with a pre- "Herd" Herman band of the early '40s. For 50 years—with relatively brief interruptions—Woody Herman has led one of the greatest of all big bands. And not surprisingly, he's had some of the greatest drummers driving…

by Chip Deffaa
Feb 5, 2019

The Different Sides of Gary Husband

Gary Husband clicks a cassette into his car stereo. "This is a demo of some material I've been writing,'' he explains. We hear two acoustic guitars playing some gentle, lyrical, melodic music. "Yes, that is me playing," says Gary. "This…

by Simon Goodwin
Feb 5, 2019