December 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 12


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Articles in December 1983

Cubby O'Brien

The fact that show drummers receive comparatively little recognition is an enigma to me considering that they are some of the hardest working musicians. Their ability to play a variety of styles must be masterful; their sense of theatrics and…

by Robyn Flans
Jan 23, 2018

The Art of Soloing

I may as well admit the obvious: I am, indeed, a practitioner and partisan of that much maligned and oft-persecuted musical form, that thudding, plodding, torment of tedium, that dazzling display of passion and virtuosity—the drum solo. Much contempt has…

by Neil Peart
Jan 23, 2018

Francis Clay

Francis Clay is one of a handful of drummers who helped to create and define blues drumming. Many rhythm section players get very little recognition for their contributions to the blues and other forms of American music. In the evolution…

by Charles M. Bernstein
Jan 23, 2018

December 1983 - Volume 7 • Number 12

Carl Palmer, Simon Kirke, Anthony Cirone, Neil Peart, Ed Soph, Rick Allen, Bill Cobham, J.R. Mitchell, Gregg Bissonette, Michael Shrieve, Tommy Aldridge, Gary Chaffee

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 1983

Transferring African Rhythms

One of the most interesting drum lessons that I've ever had was when Kwaku Dadey showed me how to transfer African rhythms to the drumset. Kwaku plays traditional African music on his tuned conga drums in much the same manner…

by George Marsh
Jan 23, 2018

Kwaku Dadey

Kwaku Dadey is the quintessential African master drummer. He comes from a family in Africa that has a rich musical background. There have been master drummers in Kwaku's family for well over five generations. Kwaku is a musician who not…

by Charles M. Bernstein
Jan 23, 2018

Anthony J. Cirone — Organic Balance

I've always been intrigued by people who do a variety of things in their careers. My first drum teacher was such a person. He started out playing percussion in theaters during the final years of vaudeville. He then became a…

by Rick Mattingly | Photos by Greg Toland
Jan 23, 2018

Simon Kirke — Rocklife

In 1970 "All Right Now" by the band Free became a hit, and almost an anthem. At the same time the solid, sparse, forceful but beautiful drumming of Simon Kirke became a standard by which the performances of other drummers…

by Simon Goodwin
Jan 23, 2018

Foundation Studies for Big Band Fills

Before dealing with specifics, it is important to have some general ideas about what a fill should be and what a fill should do. The fill must be in time. It should not rush or drag. The fill should maintain…

by Ed Soph
Jan 23, 2018

Do Big Name Drummers Really Play Better?

I have heard people say, when speaking of another drummer, "He is as good as any big name drummer. He just never got a break." I have also heard this comment, "The only difference between one drummer and another is…

by Roy Burns
Jan 23, 2018

Rick Allen: "Rock of Ages

This month we feature "Rock of Ages" from Def Leppard's Pyromania album. Rick Allen keeps the beat solid and tight on this.  

Transcribed by James Morton
Jan 23, 2018