April 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 4


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Articles in April 1985

Ian Wallace — Keeping The Customer Satisfied

It would probably be easier to list all the musical things that fan Wallace hasn't done than those he has. This unassuming Englishman has covered every aspect of pop drumming, beginning with pre-Beatles rock 'n' roll in England, and progressing…

by Rick Van Horn
Aug 24, 2018

Steve Schaeffer — Heard But Not Seen

Mention Steve Schaeffer around L.A. and you will probably hear comments such as these: Patty Fidelibus (Contractor, Warner Bros.): "Steve makes me feel very safe. If we have a 2:00 downbeat, at 1:30, Steve is already there, set up, ready…

by Robyn Flans
Aug 24, 2018

A New Look At Technique

I have heard professional drummers say, "I don't care about technique at all. 1 am only interested in the music." I have also heard top players say, "Of course technique is important. Without it you can't play anything." It would…

by Roy Burns
Aug 24, 2018

Kenny Clare and Kenny Clarke

Kenny Clare British drummer Kenny Clare died on January 11 at the Westminster Hospital in London, at the age of 55. Kenny had been hospitalized for eight weeks and had several operations for the removal of cancer from the esophagus.…

Modern Drummer
Aug 24, 2018

Phrasing With Triplets

This article deals with the use of triplets within a compound phrase to embellish and create more interesting patterns. By inserting the 16th-note triplets into the duple feel, these patterns become more exciting to the ear. Practice each exercise at…

by Steven Kellner
Aug 24, 2018