November 1981 – Volume 5 • Number 8


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Articles in November 1981

Bobby Rosengarden

JB: I'd like to know more about your musical background. BR: My mother was a pianist in a silent movie theatre so there was music in our home constantly. We had a baby grand piano in the house and I…

by Joe Buerger
Jun 8, 2017

Future Sounds

Rock drumming has a tendency toward being colorless at times. This, I believe, is due to the constant use of H.H., S.D., and B.D. in playing time. The addition of other sound sources in the proper context can be quite…

by David Garibaldi
Jun 8, 2017

Ed Blackwell — "Bemsha Swing"

From the album AVANT GARDE with Don Cherry and John Coltrane Transcribed by Skip Shaffer             Skip Shaffer performs and teaches in Burbank, CA.

Modern Drummer
Jun 8, 2017

Donald Knaack

Photo by Rick Mattingly If you have ever complained about the problems of hauling around and setting up a standard drumset, imagine the problems faced by a musician whose instruments are made entirely of glass. In order to do a…

by Rick Mattingly
Jun 8, 2017

Stickings—Part 1

Gary Chaffee received his education at SUNY in Potsdam and DePaul University in Chicago. From 1973-77. Gary was head of the Percussion Dept. at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He presently teaches at his home in Hyde Park,…

by Gary Chaffee
Jun 8, 2017

Sonny Greer: The Elder Statesman Of Jazz

William "Sonny" Greer was born in Long Branch, New Jersey on December 13, 1903. "I wasn't no rich kid." He remembers, "but I was always comfortable. We were a happy family. My mother and father were very religious. My mother…

by Scott K. Fish
Jun 8, 2017

Terry Bozzio: Burnin'

  Terry Bozzio has the chops to be an orchestra percussionist, a jazz fusion burner, or a rock and roll showman, and he's shown off each of those sides of his talent during an eventful career. Bozzio was born in…

by Robin Tolleson | photos by Paul Jonason
Jun 8, 2017

Ed Blackwelll — Singin' On The Set

Superlatives are like chuff before the wind in describing the drumming of Ed Blackwell, I'm sure I could speak with him for days and still walk away feeling like we'd never even got started. Born and raised in New Orleans,…

by Scott K.Fish | photos by Tom Copi
Jun 8, 2017

Jim Keltner

Jim Keltner Trying to establish a representative interview with Jim Keltner requires a sense of humor. The way he plays drums and the way he is seem to be so alike. Talk to Jim on Monday about drum heads, for…

by Scott K. Fish
Jun 8, 2017