July 2022 - Volume 46 • Number 7 - Modern Drummer Magazine

July 2022 – Volume 46 • Number 7


Articles in July 2022


Joey Kramer’s Aerosmith Nine Lives tour kit

The Drum Workshop Collector’s Series kit shown here was created for Joey Kramer’s use on Aerosmith Nine Lives tour. The tour ran from May 1997 to July 1999, and included dates in North America, Canada, Japan, and 14 European countries.…

Jun 30, 2022
In Memoriam

Alan White June 14, 1949 - May 26, 2022

Alan White is best known as the drummer for the legendary English progressive rock band Yes. But his career was much more than that. Before his days with Yes, Alan contributed his groove to recordings by John Lennon, George Harrison,…

Jun 30, 2022
Collector's Corner

Donn Bennett’s Drum Vault: Steve Smith’s 1987 Sonor Lite Vital Information Drum Set

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Steve Smith’s relationship with Sonor drums. Steve bought his first set of Sonor drums in 1977 while touring with jazz-fusion violinist, Jean-Luc Ponty. He played the same Sonor set touring with rock guitarist…

By Donn Bennett
Jun 30, 2022

Maysun, Everything is Everything.

I view “creative percussion controllers” as three separate categories. Category 1 is a completely self-contained set of electronic drums that are designed by instrument manufacturers that create all the drum and cymbal samples. We simply plug in great headphones and…

By Tony Verderosa
Jun 30, 2022

Josh Harmon: From Comedy to Drums, Shaping His Unique and Timeless Sound

Josh Harmon is the definition of a boundary breaker. Regarded as one of the world’s most creative drummers, his approach is an unconventional as it is successful. His mega-popular series, Rhythms of Comedy, has garnered love from BILLIONS across the…

By Raghav Mehrotra
Jun 30, 2022
Teacher's Forum

In The Moment, the Art of Active Listening

In The Moment! This is where the magic is. One very important quality every musician requires to really be totally involved in musical expression…is the art of listening. This is a developed skill needed to be inside any song. To…

by Dom Famularo
Jun 30, 2022
Rock Perspectives

Carmine Appice Ultimate Realistic Rock Sixteenth Note Rhythms

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Carmine Appice Ultimate Realistic Rock, Modern Drummer is reprinting this classic section of Carmine’s book. In this section Carmine introduces two essential rhythms to rock drumming, and teaches us how to play and…

Jun 30, 2022
Rock 'n' Jazz Clinic

Double Bass Drumming

Continuing from last month’s re-introduction of Joe Franco’s classic book Double Bass Drumming, and his concept called the Single Stroke System. Here is Joe’s chapter on Sixteenth Note Double Bass Patterns. There are many more patterns and beats included in…

by Joe Franco
Jun 30, 2022
Jazz Drummer's Workshop

Bob Moses’ Drum Wisdom, Musical Resolution Points

In the last few last months of Modern Drummer we have included the chapters from Bob Moses’ Drum Wisdom book on the 8/8 Concept and the Sixteen Musical Resolution Points. These two concepts work together and can apply to every…

Jun 30, 2022

Up-Tempo Jazz Ride Playing

I use a kind of circular motion to achieve my desired sound, as was taught to me by Sam Woodyard. The quarter note is being accented slightly, yet consistently, creating a driving and danceable feel. Digging in is what we…

By Mike Clark
Jun 30, 2022

The Game Changers Part 1

For this month’s article I’d like to share several different topics that I feel were monumental for my growth as a drummer. I call these “The Game Changers”. There are several topics so this article will be split into two parts.…

By Billy Ashbaugh
Jun 30, 2022

Jonathan Pinson: Asking Questions

With all of the amazing young jazz drummers around these days, it’s got to be tough to set yourself apart. But when you can put names like Seal, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Terrace Martin, and Kamasi Washington on your resume,…

By Mark Griffith
Jun 30, 2022

MAMMOTH WVH With drummers Wolfgang Van Halen and Garrett Whitlock

The band Mammoth WVH is a musical force to be reckoned with. What else is there besides great songs being played by great musicians. But there is more to this band than meets the eye. True multi-instrumentalists are a unique…

Jun 30, 2022
On the Cover

Gavin Harrison: Context and Contrast

Who is busier than Gavin Harrison? He is tearing it up on two new records that are coming out and is touring with those two bands within the next year. Porcupine Tree’s new recording Closure/Continuation is a welcome surprise to…

By Mark Griffith
Jun 30, 2022
Product Close-Up

ddrum NIO

In today’s musical landscape incorporating electronics has become commonplace, from creating hybrid acoustic/electric setups, to looping and accompaniment, percussion pads have opened up a world of sounds and creative possibility for musicians. Compared to its predecessors, ddrum’s NIO model cuts…

Jun 30, 2022
New and Notable

Pearl Debuts the Matt McGuire “Smart Snare,” and Redesigned CX Airframe 2 Carriers and PLUS Size Add-On Assemblies

From millions of YouTube views to sold out concert tours with The Chainsmokers, drummer Matt McGuire knows how to bring the fire. His new Matt McGuire Pearl Signature Snare drum is crafted to not only bring arena-filling sound, but also…

Jun 30, 2022
New and Notable

Mapex Drums Announces Promotion to Accompany Drums on Demand Program Now Offering FREE Drum Covers with Purchase

Mapex Marching’s Drums on Demand program, which launched April 1, 2022, is creating an exciting new way to circumvent excessive lead times by offering drums in eight new premium wrap finishes including Blue Ripple, Red Ripple, Purple Ripple, Burgundy Ripple,…

Jun 30, 2022
New and Notable

Paiste Introduces Several New Models of Flat Rides. Bigger Range, More Choices

In response to renewed interest in Flat Rides, Paiste announces the reintroduction of ground breaking models from the Formula 602, 2002 and Traditionals Series, and the addition of a new model in the Masters Series. Paiste thus significantly expands the…

Jun 30, 2022
New and Notable

RTOM Releases New Single-Zone Triggers

RTOM is proud to announce the launch of their new bh Single-Zone Triggers to usher in a new era of hybrid drumming. RTOM Corporation (“RTOM”) Single-Zone Triggers are a new product that instantly transforms acoustic drum heads outfitted with Black…

Jun 30, 2022
New and Notable


Europe’s largest music instrument retailer, Germany-based Musikhaus Thomann, with its massive online Thomann Cyberstore, is the latest retail giant to add Adoro Silent Sticks to its drum and percussion offering. Says Adoro CEO Stefan Korth: “Thomann’s inventory of Silent Sticks…

Jun 30, 2022

The Practice Mentality and Increasing Motivation for the Gym

In the drumming community, every so often one can stumble into a discussion about the importance of technique. There is this strange idea that some people argue that technique doesn’t matter much. I see this in forums and the argument…

By James Petercsak
Jun 30, 2022

“Where Am I Going?”

More often than not, I preach precision while espousing specificity when it comes to expressing our ideas on the drumset. In simple terms, that adds up to, “saying what we mean and meaning what we say.” That approach, however, runs…

By Peter Erskine
Jun 30, 2022
Kit of the Month

Michael “Squeak” Melusky, DW Collector’s Series Maple/Mahogany

The kit utilizes a Gibraltar rack system designed to be stealth and easy to pack up. Thankfully, it goes into two road cases with minimal tear down. The bass drums have custom matching bass drum hoops with inlay, and also…

Jun 30, 2022
An Editor's Overview

Modern Drummer Next Level

Fresh on the heels of our well received Salute to Women in Drumming issue, Modern Drummer is stronger than ever! Whether you are an eager to learn developing drum student, an intermediate drummer playing in a band, a working pro,…

Jun 30, 2022