July 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 7


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Articles in July 1984

Assertions And Evaluations

Time passes, and I become convinced more than ever that the diverse elements comprising the art of drumming all work together to give us drum fanatics as good a shot at happiness and fulfillment as anyone on the planet Earth.…

by Jim Chapin
Jun 28, 2018

Technique And Equipment

One of my students complained to me that he had a weak foot. "I have no strength or control of my bass pedal," he said. I gave him some exercises to practice on the bass drum. At the next lesson,…

by Roy Burns
Jun 28, 2018

Rashied Ali — The Will To Survive

Rashied Ali (Robert Patterson, Jr.) was born in Philadelphia on July 1, 1935. Well known in New York avant-garde circles by 1963, he came to international prominence as John Coltrane's last full-time drummer, from 1965 until the master's death in…

by Harold Howland
Jun 28, 2018

Great Grooves — Part 2

Here's another selection of grooves for you to try. Concentrate on developing your coordination, along with the fluidity and smoothness of performance that will put these patterns "in the pocket." The key is to be clean and precise, yet comfortable…

by James Morton
Jun 28, 2018

Louis Hayes — Putting Things Together

When one thinks of the great jazz cities, the first names that come to mind are New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York. The name Detroit tends to conjure up images of Cadillacs, Motown singing groups, Lions and Tigers…

by Lee Jeske
Jun 28, 2018

Phil Ehart - Identity

The very first thing you have to know about Phil Ehart, and perhaps the most important thing, is that he's incredibly modest—maybe a bit too modest, if that's possible. Consider the facts: Here's a guy who has been playing drums…

by Robert Santelli
Jun 28, 2018

John Bonham

Perhaps you live in a town to which the Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains The Same comes once every few weeks for the midnight showing. The audience at such events is a rough cross section of Led Zeppelin fans,…

by T. Bruce Wittet
Jun 28, 2018