January 2013 Issue – Volume 38 • Number 1


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Articles in January 2013

Daniel Glass: Examining the Drumset’s Century-Long Tale of Change

  Across two ambitious DVD sets, the performer and educator captures the fascinating development of our beloved “contraption,” providing historical and practical knowledge that every modern drummer can apply. Will Romano reports.   Just prior to the dawn of the…

Modern Drummer
Oct 20, 2017

Vinnie Colaiuta - Just Being Himself

Heroes are hard to find. And they’re often tougher to pin down. Vinnie Colaiuta, for one, refuses to bend to expectations—and he doesn’t think you should either.   It might be different on some other life-sustaining planet, light-years away. But…

Story by Adam Budofsky – Photos by Michael Corral
Oct 20, 2017

The Evolution of the Drumset

The drumset is unique among contemporary instruments. It’s a truly global invention, with most of its individual parts originating many thousands of years ago, in the far corners of the globe.Yet its current familiar form didn’t really exist until well…

by Matt Dean
Oct 20, 2017

Mike Porcaro

August 5, 2012, was the twentieth anniversary of revered studio and stage drummer Jeff Porcaro’s untimely passing.

by Billy Amendola
Oct 20, 2017

Fours and Sevens in 7/8

Part 3:Triple Strokes This month we’re going to finish the Fours and Sevens in 7/8 exercise by playing it with triple strokes. As with double strokes, the key to playing high-quality triple strokes is finger control. The challenge is to…

by Bill Bachman
Oct 20, 2017

Make A Statement!

Concepts for Drumset Improvisation Improvisation is at the core of every great jazz performance, and as we mature as musicians we become more confident in expressing ourselves on our instrument. The rhythmic or melodic concepts that we play illustrate a…

by Steve Fidyk
Oct 20, 2017

Snare Drum Studies

Lessons In Counting and Stretching Rhythm For drummers, the rudiments are often likened to scales for other instrumentalists, but we have scales too. These “rhythm scales” give us access to new percussive “notes” like the quintuplet. The results we get…

by Colin Woodford
Oct 20, 2017

Don't Disturb The Groove!

Part 3: Combination Patterns In this third installment we’ll combine the two techniques that we’ve been working on: broken doubles and hi-hat substitutions. Some of the grooves incorporate the entire drumset rather than only the bass drum, snare, and hi-hat.…

by Tobias Ralph
Oct 20, 2017

Popular Play-Alongs

Part 3: Synth Medal In the last two play-along articles, we worked on the proper performance technique, groove vocabulary, and sounds of contemporary pop/R&B and punk-pop— two styles of music that you’ll likely be asked to play as a working…

by Donny Gruendler
Oct 20, 2017

Inner Drumming

Listening With All Four Limbs, Part 4 If this is the first time you’re reading about Inner Drumming, the diagrams in this article may seem unusual. But rest assured that if you spend a few minutes with them, you’ll begin…

by George Marsh
Oct 20, 2017