February 1984 – Volume 8 • Number 2


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Articles in February 1984


Developing Speed Naturally

Almost all young drummers attempt to see how fast they can play at some point. This is a natural stage of development. It is sort of like flexing your muscles just to see how strong you are. Technique is needed…

by Roy Burns
May 18, 2018
Jazz Drummer's Workshop

Jazz Coordination Studies

Jazz-oriented independent coordination is basically the ability to play any rhythmic idea with your left hand and/or right foot, without ever breaking the time flow being played by the right hand on the ride cymbal. Below are some exercises designed…

by Scott Robinson
May 18, 2018

Carl Allen

Some people get all the breaks. They're the ones who just happen to be in the right place at the right time and luck out with the glamour gigs that every aspiring musician dreams of. The pattern is a familiar…

by Bill Milkowski
May 18, 2018

Stan Lynch — Heartbreaking Rhythm

With $100 in his pocket, Stan Lynch drove his dad's VW bus from Florida across country to L.A. in 1974. For $40 a month, he found the ultimate luxury of a Laurel Canyon basement sans kitchen and bathroom, and got…

by Robyn Flans
May 18, 2018

Kenny Clarke — Jazz Pioneer

It's sad in a way, yet the fact remains that most drummers under the age of 25 probably aren't all that familiar with the name Kenny Clarke. The truth of the matter is, Kenny Clarke is perhaps more responsible for…

by Ed Thigpen
May 18, 2018