August 1985 – Volume 9 • Number 8


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Articles in August 1985

Study In 8th-Note Triplets

This month's Rock Perspectives examines some time feels involving the use of the 8th-note triplet. When practicing these examples, remember to concentrate on the two sound levels (dynamics): Accented notes should be played forte (f), and unaccented notes pianissimo (pp).

by David Garibaldi
Sep 14, 2018

Drumming And The Big Break

Young drummers often ask the question, "How did you get your big break?" In my own case, it started when I met Louie Bellson in Kansas City. Louie was visiting the drum studio where I was taking lessons. He played…

by Roy Burns
Sep 14, 2018

Chuck Riggs

Eddie Cantor used to say, "Sometimes it takes ten years to become a star overnight." Chuck Riggs, 34, knows the feeling. He had been working with tenor sax player Scott Hamilton for a full ten years before the release of…

by Chip Deffaa
Sep 14, 2018

Platinum Blonde’s Chris Steffler

In setting up this interview with Chris Steffler, drummer of the hugely popular Toronto band, Platinum Blonde, I was impressed by how easy he was to reach. After only two calls to his management, I was able to talk to…

by Steven Peterson
Sep 14, 2018

Herman Rarebell — Keeping The Basics Together

HAVE you noticed how more drummers seem to be getting involved in writing? Many people regard this as a very healthy thing. Drummers are becoming more than just the people in the back who keep the time happening. The obvious…

by Susan Alexander
Sep 14, 2018

Frankie Dunlop — Making It Swing

I first heard Frankie Dunlop's drumming in the best way possible. When I was about 17years old, I was visiting a friend who had Two Hours Of Thelonious on the turntable. The drumming on that record went straight to my…

by Scott K. Fish
Sep 14, 2018

George Grantham — Dedication

It was the '60s—an exciting time—and Southern California was developing its own answer to the "British Invasion, "San Francisco's psychedelia, and Detroit's Motown. L.A.'s scene was creating country/rock/folk with exciting newcomers like Jackson Browne, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the…

by Robyn Flans
Sep 14, 2018

U2's Larry Mullen, Jr.

Since ancient times, the sound of drums has prevailed at human rites of passage: war drums, funeral drums, marching drums, drums of life, and drums of death. It was the call of a "different drummer" that guided Henry David Thoreau.…

by Connie Fisher
Sep 14, 2018