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Tommy Clufetos’ Black Sabbath Tour Kit

Black Sabbath’s tours always combined the heaviest of heavy metal sounds with the most outrageous spectacle possible. The kits created for Tommy Clufetos by Drum Workshop for those stores reflect that spectacular approach Although the finish of Tommy kits changed…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2022

Jake Bundrick with Mayday Parade

Back in the studio, Bundrick is also highly engaged with his bandmates’ needs—as well as those of the  producer. TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99 /month or $49.99 /year SAVE 15% Digital Monthly Magazine 47 Years of…

by Willie Rose
Jan 30, 2019

December 2010 - Volume 34 • Number 12

Susie Ibarra, Chad Smith, Will Calhoun, Jason Bittner, Allison Miller, Horacio Hernandez, Paul Wertico, Rod Morgenstein, Jeff Davis, Daniel Glass, Chris Pennie, Peter Erskine, Tommy Clufetos, Rexsell Hardy Jr., Harvey Sorgen, David Cossin, Rhani Krija, Ramon Sampson, Mark Zonder, Jerry…

Modern Drummer
Dec 1, 2010

February 2005 - Volume 29 • Number 2

Matt Sorum, Ben Riley, Ryan Dusick, Kenney Jones, Jerry Gaskill, Kenny Buttrey, Kenneth Schalk, Dave Weckl, Scott Phillips, Tommy Clufetos, Jack Mouse, Jeremy Taggart, Terreon Gully, Simon Phillips, Jim Keltner TO READ THE FULL STORY: LOG IN Digital Access $4.99…

Modern Drummer
Feb 1, 2005