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Cardiovascular Fitness for Strength and Longevity

In my series of articles, under the “Health, Wellness, and Drumming” section of Modern Drummer, we have explored the many of the benefits of weight training and maintaining healthy musculature. This is done to keep our joints pain free so…

By James Petercsak
Jul 31, 2022

The Practice Mentality and Increasing Motivation for the Gym

In the drumming community, every so often one can stumble into a discussion about the importance of technique. There is this strange idea that some people argue that technique doesn’t matter much. I see this in forums and the argument…

By James Petercsak
Jun 30, 2022

Essential Factors for success in the gym: Lessons learned in the Practice Room

In the last issue, we examined the myth of the muscle-bound concept. This instilled an unwarranted fear into many drummers and percussionists alike: Don’t lift weights, as it can impair dexterity and hinder your ability to play drums. Intuitively, we…

By James Petercsak
Apr 30, 2022

The Muscle-Bound Myth and Weight Training for Drummers

If someone asked me to put together a list of non-negotiables – things I need to prioritize for my own well being – two activities would immediately come to mind: Drumming (obviously) and weight training. Drumming and training are a…

By James Petercsak
Mar 31, 2022